Monday, April 25, 2016

One house, two rooms, four girls

We were excited to get to be able to do two rooms in one house for four little girls.  We were given a lot of creative freedom on this project and that is always fun for us.  The big girls said that they wanted rainbows and swirls and one said purple and the other said every color in the rainbow so we ran with it.  

A rainbow changing changing into butterfies on a lavendar base wall.
Mom requested some matching canvas art for the room.
We love to add some special extras around the room.

The girls requested flowers while we were in progress so we added a few.

The finished space.
For the little girls room we decided to do an alphabet wall.
We chose accents for some of the letters in a girly theme.
What room couldn't use a couple of cute birds? 
And a few more canvases to help bring the room together.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Penelope's Room

Penelope's room design started with fabric chosen from a Michael Miller line.  A very talented Etsy momma (Holly of ModifiedTot) sewed the curtains and the bedding and I couldn't recommend her enough.  Everything turned out so beautiful. 
The shortest wall was painted in stripes to match the fabric in the dust ruffle. Now that Penny is almost 2 she loves pointing out each stripe and saying what color it is.
These shelves are actually spice racks from IKEA that were spray painted orange.
My husband made us this wooden canvas and I painted custom artwork to match the room.
I used cards from Penelope's first birthday party to make artwork framed with IKEA frames.
Penelope's dad brought her back those cool pencils from Peru and I thought they were too cute to use so they serve as decor for now.  Some of her favorite stuffies get primo seating on the display shelves that dad built special for her room.
All sweet gifts from her baby shower.
This shows a better view of the custom bedding from ModifiedTot and the mural wall to match my favorite fabric of the bunch.
Lastly Luke cut out a "P" from wood for her door and I modge podged scrap fabric over it to match her room. 
It took me two years to finally blog this room because it's my daughter's room and to me it's never done.  I'm still adding things all the time and honestly, it's never this clean because she runs around it like a tornado daily.  But I think she loves her room and I do too.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Conner's Dinosaur Room

Conner's parents wanted a dinosaur theme for his new big boy room. We chose a cartoon style and bright and bold colors for this toddler's space.

Russell's PNC Park Mural

This project was from some repeat customers and we were happy for the business.  Russell's dad loves his Pittsburgh sports and very much wanted a PNC Park mural.  We can say this was our most detailed mural to date.
We chose a night sky theme on fireworks night.

Russell's name got the baseball red stitching details.

A small personal touch and a nod at dad's college baseball experience.

A bat and a ball add some interest to the opposite wall.

Some detail of the stands, scoreboard and outfield.  Each pretend person was painted into place.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Abiageal's Room

Abiageal's mommy is a bit of a hippie and dreamed of a Grateful Dead room for her baby.  The room was already painted that shade of blue with blue carpet and she requested that we work with it.  We decided to inject a rainbow of colors and used the base blue as our starting point.  It was also a large room for a nursery and we thought a border was a good way to get some art all around the room.
Abiageal was already gifted a blanket with the moon art above.  We changed the colors a bit, but used that artwork as requested.   

The only other request was that we incorporate the Grateful Dead bears around the room.  You'll see them dancing around the border.

We had a fun time deciding how to incorporate Abiageal's name.  We found a website that offered "hippie fonts" and we chose one that we thought worked well for a girls room.  Plain white just wasn't enough so we incorporated a fun pattern in the letters to add some color.  And we wanted a daisy somewhere, as Abiageal's mom loves them.

A rainbow peace sign completes the room.  And the room really looks great now that it's set up with all the furniture.  They're ready for baby! 
As a special gift, Jessica created a custom book shelf for the room.  A few dancing bears on each side.

A rainbow pinwheel on the inside.

The lighting bolt on top. 

We hope Abiageal loves this room for many years.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Winchester Thurston

We were asked to add some art to a classroom at Winchester Thurston School.
We started with a tree with the Winchester Thurston bear hanging from a branch.
Detail of the bear reaching for the honey and the WT "carving" in the tree.
The we rolled paint on the kids hands and had them stamp hand prints as leaves on the tree.

Little hands and big hands, everyone got a turn.
Afterwards, we added a leaf outline to polish the finished product.
We hope the kids like our addition to their room.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Paintings

Tifanie and Rob are expecting a baby girl soon and they decided on an Alice in Wonderland theme for her room.  They requested some paintings.  I decided to go with a vintage theme but update the colors to make it fit into a nursery.  

Alice playing croquet

The White Rabbit

The Mad Hatter