Thursday, November 3, 2011

Chloe's Room

Recently, we painted a mural for Chloe. We again used the bedding as inspiration for the room. The owls, flowers and leaves come straight from the fabrics. We like the way it turned out!

Chloe's room looks warm and inviting.  The remaining walls were all painted with a complimenting border that matches the bedding.  

Detail of the border.

Adding Chloe's name was a personal touch just for her.  We used the paint from the walls to paint the letters to match and added another bird.

Some detail of the tree.
Chloe likes it!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Candyland Play Room

We finished the entire room with a Candyland inspired theme. The base is a light blue sky and solid green grass. In hopes to make you feel as though you are on the Candyland board, we tied the entire room together is the Candyland trail complete with the rainbow passage way, and the skip ahead spaces. We included the classic beginning with the life like apple tree, heading into the gumdrop mountains, leading you all the way to the peanut acres, then off to the lollipop woods, passing the candy castle (complete with the candy trail), wrapping it up at the ice cream skate rink.