Friday, June 7, 2013

Abiageal's Room

Abiageal's mommy is a bit of a hippie and dreamed of a Grateful Dead room for her baby.  The room was already painted that shade of blue with blue carpet and she requested that we work with it.  We decided to inject a rainbow of colors and used the base blue as our starting point.  It was also a large room for a nursery and we thought a border was a good way to get some art all around the room.
Abiageal was already gifted a blanket with the moon art above.  We changed the colors a bit, but used that artwork as requested.   

The only other request was that we incorporate the Grateful Dead bears around the room.  You'll see them dancing around the border.

We had a fun time deciding how to incorporate Abiageal's name.  We found a website that offered "hippie fonts" and we chose one that we thought worked well for a girls room.  Plain white just wasn't enough so we incorporated a fun pattern in the letters to add some color.  And we wanted a daisy somewhere, as Abiageal's mom loves them.

A rainbow peace sign completes the room.  And the room really looks great now that it's set up with all the furniture.  They're ready for baby! 
As a special gift, Jessica created a custom book shelf for the room.  A few dancing bears on each side.

A rainbow pinwheel on the inside.

The lighting bolt on top. 

We hope Abiageal loves this room for many years.


  1. This came out lovely! I can only imagine what you can produce with less limitations ;)

  2. Do you know where they got their tie dye curtains?