Monday, April 25, 2016

One house, two rooms, four girls

We were excited to get to be able to do two rooms in one house for four little girls.  We were given a lot of creative freedom on this project and that is always fun for us.  The big girls said that they wanted rainbows and swirls and one said purple and the other said every color in the rainbow so we ran with it.  

A rainbow changing changing into butterfies on a lavendar base wall.
Mom requested some matching canvas art for the room.
We love to add some special extras around the room.

The girls requested flowers while we were in progress so we added a few.

The finished space.
For the little girls room we decided to do an alphabet wall.
We chose accents for some of the letters in a girly theme.
What room couldn't use a couple of cute birds? 
And a few more canvases to help bring the room together.

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